Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Our newest housemate

Well, the plan was to get a dog . . .but we opted for something a little easier on the lifestyle for now . . .plus Emma has been wanting a kitty forever - so we are now the happy parents of Domino, our sweet, rambunctious kitty. He's making quick work of our plants and couches . . .so we've taken to implementing the squirt bottle to keep the little sucker in line. Ahhh, the joys of parenting. He's so damn cute thought, it's worth it. Don't you think?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Cribs: Miles' pad

Welcome to my crib - we all about hanging loose

Here's me and my home girl Emmers gettin' funky to her Juicebox

I prefer Prada . . .but Maddens will do in a pinch.

And finally, chillin' with my favorite people - Elmos. Nobody chills like Elmo.

Photos from Germany

Finally getting a few of these on the page . ..

Friday, July 07, 2006

Stroller musings

The perfect stroller: an enigma. I am constantly in search of this mysterious item . . .and forever swiveling my head to take mental notes about strollers I see everywhere. I. will. find. the. perfect. stroller. Or maybe not.
I recently started looking for a new stroller because we were headed to Germany and I wanted something really comfy for Miles to snooze in while we walked the cobblestone streets of the wee villages we had planned on visiting (see previous post). So I started out by cruising the web and looking at opinion sites. I initially used epinions which I really like, but then also discovered Baby Ga-Ga which has great reviews and lots of detailed information. So, as you may already know, I decided to buy the Bumbleride Flyer stroller and was sooo excited to get this beauty in the mail and try it out. We took our beautful bamboo dream ride out to the cliffs in Santa Cruz for it maiden voyage and . ..bummer! The front wheels of this stroller wobbled and gyrated to such a degree that it made it very hard to use. We were so disappointed! We kept trying different things to make the wheels stay put and stop wobbling (even on the smoothest surfaces), but no luck. It happened every time. So I figured that I must have been sent a faulty stroller - or more likely, it was damaged in shipping. N was convinced that the chassi was not aligned squarely.
So I called the company I bought it from - TinyRide and they were SO nice about it. They offered to ship me out a new one immediately, no questions asked and were very apologetic about the whole thing. Since I was leaving for Germany in a few days, they even offered to overnight the replacement - amazing customer service! We had the stroller shipped to my husband's parent's house because there wasn't time to have it delivered to our house before we had to leave for the airport. So when we arrived in the morning, ready to leave for the airport I opened up the box, quickly put the stroller together and took my daughter for a quick spin up the block to try it out. Dang! Same problem - the front wheels wiggle and wobble all over the place. So I sadly have to report that there is some inheirent design flaw with the BumbleRide Flyer stroller - ouch. So my mother in law kindly packed the sucker back up for me and TinyRide had UPS come get it. Luckily I had bought a cheap-o umbrella stroller as a backup for the trip in case my beloved new stroller didn't work. Hmmph.
The stroller we took was fine - but not nearly the bed I was hoping for Miles and the little wheels were no match for the bumpy cobblestone streets we encountered everywhere. And every parent there had an amazing stroller! They were all comfy, bed-like masterpieces that all the happy little German babies ambled by in while our poor little munchkin barely fit into his. I was obsessed while there and I think my husband thinks I'm certifiable. I even went to a department store there to check out what they had - but the beauties were all very expensive and what with the weak dollar, I figured it didn't make sense to buy it there, so I passed.
So the search continues! I am once again, looking, swiveling my head and scanning webpages trying to find that perfect combo of features. Any ideas would be welcome!!

Germany causes personality disorder

Well, well, well - turns out Miles doesn't really care much for traveling. Not all that surprising really - but I was a little surprised at just how much he didn't care for it. I guess being ripped from his idealic little life and being forced into too many confined spaces without the ability to stretch his new walking skills was just too much for the little guy. He's gone mental. While in Germany, and since returning he seems to have changed - it's as if his personality was altered in some way which makes me wonder if he didn't whack his frontal lobe at some point that I'm not aware of . . .. our sweet, happy boy is now prone to random crying without reason, the inability to be on his own and serious stranger anxiety. What. have. we. done.
Grandma only offered at least 10 times to let Miles stay with her while we went on our trip . . .duhhhh. But nooooo, we couldn't leave our little man at home for 13 days - that would be too hard on him! Hello? We were so wrong about that! He would have been so happy with his Mutti and Opa, loving life really. Swimming pool, tons of attention, good food, suburbia - what more could he want? Certainly not another trip to a smoke filled pub in Germany! Oh well, live and learn they say. We've learned, but still having to live with the concesquences. For example, Miles now wakes at 2 am, and then again at 3 am ready to take on the day. He's wide. awake. The other morning we all decided to get up and have breakfast with dad before he headed off on his overnight business trip and that was actually pretty nice - despite the fact that it was 4 am.
Sleep is soooo over-rated. Right? Riiiiggghhht.
It's been 3 days since we returned and despite a complete lack of sleep I am soooo glad to be here. This feels like vacation, being home and relaxing. I think next time we travel it'll just be mom and dad and it will be delicious.
As a side note, Emma really enjoyed herself. She made friends along the way, saw a beautiful castle, got to eat tons of sweets and stay up as late as she wanted every night. Shangri-la for the little muffin - glad someone had fun!