Thursday, August 03, 2006

Things that go bump in the night

Whenever the hubby is traveling it seems like this house comes alive with noises that I've never heard before. I always tell myself that they're always there, I just don't usually hear them becuase we're all here and talking and making noise. Well, tonight there was something different. It was undeniable, and it was in my bedbroom.
I heard a distinct bump, bump from near the cabinet we keep our tv in. . .at first I thought it was just the shelving over there settling in and I ignored it. But then, I heard it again, but louder this time. Ut-oh. What could it be?? Hmmm, I'm going to have to investigate. And then I realized I was about to have one of those horror movie moments where your peeking into disaster and the audience is saying "don't look in there!". But what can you do? You've got to look - call it stupid human nature.
I went over to the cabinet and quickly oepned the big doors - annnnd, nothing. Okay, the drawers then? What could be in there? Perhaps the kitty? Nahhhh, how would he have gotten in there? I shut that drawer hours ago. Well, I pulled open that drawer and who looked up at me with cute, sleepy eyes?
Of course, the kitty. So cute, all curled up in there, seemingly happy as can be. Guess the little guy isn't claustrophobic - until now that is.
What I want to know is - how long was he in there for and how on earth did he get in there? I remember shutting the drawer earlier in the evening after Miles had pulled it open while exploring . . .but I think I would have noticed shutting the kitty away - right? It's not a deep drawer. Hmmmm, the mysteries of the animal kingdom continue . . .

Standard morning scene . . .

The usual drill in the morning these days is that we're either woken up by Miles, or he wakes up shortly after we do and then after a little diaper change and a little milky it's over to his couch for a little r&r. Eventually his sister pads silently down the stairs in her nighty (I'm always after her to put on her bathrobe so she's not so cold, but to no avail) and joins him on the little couch for a some Sesame Street. Love that show - seems to get better and better. The other day they were spoofing The Donald in a skit called the Grouch Apprentice. It was pretty funny and I was thinking that "The Donald" couldn't have possibly been in on it otherwise he would have insisted on a special guest appearance that was not forthecoming. So I guess Sesame Street decided to play hard-ball against The Donald. Sesame Street's got bawls. Alas, I digress - my point was that I love seeing Miles and his sis hanging out just like I hope they'll do always. Gives me that warm and fuzzy "I love having a family!" feeling.