Monday, September 18, 2006

Fire up the pit, it's a camp out!

Let's be sensible and camp at home dang it! That's what we said a couple of weekends ago and I'm so glad we did. We had so much fun setting up our big tent in the back yard, filling it with fluffy pillows, mats and blankets and making a cozy little outdoor home. Of course, you can't go camping without roasting shmellows!! So we stopped at Tar-jay during the day and picked up a fire pit (and of course a coupla Halloween tshirts for the kids and pumpkin boxers for the S.O. and a fab bag for me) so we could burn down the house (and I do mean that literally, we had leftover wood from the remodel). What fun! Can I tell you how much I love a good fire? And in my back yard? Stop it! We had such a nice time, just the fam, hanging and roasting until we were all tired and yawny (not to be confused with the cheesy musician).
An-nee-way, the best part of it was, any time we needed something - like say, a clean toilet - we just popped into the house for it. Ha! And when it came time to put Miles to bed - noooo problemo, just popped him into his crip upstairs and turned on the monitor. So everyone got to sleep through the night . . . well would have slept through the night if mommy and pappi hadn't had those frothy beverages that induce urination at all the wrong hours of the night. But did I have to sneak off to find some scary looking bush to pee behind?? Nope, just popped into the warm house. Ha! Backyard camping rules. period.
And the next day? The most delicious nap in that tent . . .

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scribbit said...

My boys love backyard camping too. They've even been known to put up the sprinkler for the full effect.