Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My all-star daughter

Get. out.! Our little Emmers busted a move and went from "progressing slowly" to "knowing more than the other kids in class"!!! (okay, so the fact that her teacher told her that is just slightly disfunctional, but that's another post).
I am SO proud of my little girl! Wow, she was really not in the mood to learn her numbers up to 100 and her sight words and the alphabet backwards - but you know what? She did it. She has now experienced what it's like to do something you don't want to do and then reap the rewards of a job well done. I bought her a Juice Box that I've been saving for when she was finished with her test and I just gave it to her last night as a reward - she deserved it, she worked really hard. I hope this is a harbinger of things to come, although I'm sure they'll be plenty of challenges ahead. At least we've got our victory, I'm going to revel in it for a good while.


splash said...

what kind of juice box? it must have been pretty special!

Mimimom said...

The juice box is a music/video player that my daughter lusted over at her cousin's house. It's totally fun - you insert little cartridges and it plays whatever music is on them with a video to match. Here's a link to one on EBay:

splash said...

ooohhh, I see now. what kind of music does she like?

Anonymous said...

She learned the alphabet backwards?
That should be VERY helpful if she ever needs to ace a drunk driving test.

Mimimom said...

She likes the trendy, girlie stuff, of course. It came with some Avril Lavigne (sp?) and other pop stuff that she seems to like.
Funny because in the car we listen to total kid music . . .no pop princess exposure.

oh, and anonymous - I don't think she can REALLY do the alphabet backwards, I think the teacher points to the letters in backwards order and she tells him what they are - I've only heard her do part of it backwards without looking at it. Now that would be a trick.