Friday, April 28, 2006

Adventures of the working mother:

April 27, 3 am: Emma comes into my room crying: "I have to go to the bathroommmmmm, I have to go to the bathrooommmmmm . . ."
Okay, okay, go already! Big surprise, she crawls into bed with me after using my bathroom and proceeds to kick me all night in the back, lovely. I stay awake for another hour remembering that I've forgotten to a) get back to friends who have called, b)organize a gift for Emma's teacher for teacher appreciation day (why in the world did I sign up to be room parent???), c)call the new housecleaner back since our current one sucks and left dirt all over the place when she came yesterday.

April 27, 8 am: we all wake up (impressive sleeping in!), Miles is still sick, poor fella, and it's his birthday!

April 27, 8:45 am: I've managed to get the two kids dressed and in their car seats. Miles has a bottle and his nose has stopped leaking like a faucet for the moment, good. I go back inside to get my shoes, jacket and anything else I've forgotten.

April 27, 8:50 am: I open my car door to hear: "mommy, mommy, Miles threw up! Miles threw up!"
Oh dear, the poor thing! He was coughing so much that he threw up his milk. Okayyy, get him out of his seat and take him up to his room to change him, wipe that nose, and try to get a smile out of the wee fellow.

April 27, 9:00 am: We actually leave the house, despite the fact that Miles is sitting on top of a towel on his wet car seat, nice. We head to Starbuck's down the street for a little pick-me-up since we're out of milk and I couldn't make my usual latte to go.

April 27, 9:10 am: Inside Starbucks: "Mommy, I have to go poo-poo!" Ooookay, let's order and then we'll use the bathroom.

April 27, 9:40 am: Bumper-to-bumper traffic on the 85. Miles sounds like some kind of wind machine in the back seat weezing and sniffling.

April 27, 10:00 am: I actually arrive at my destination, my sister-in-law's house where Miles and Emma will spend the day with the nannies. Drop off goes well, Emma gets to go to Happy Hollow with her cousin and cousin's grandma. I get back into my car, take a swig of coffee and let out a big sigh. . .ahhhhh, time to change the tunes and

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