Sunday, April 09, 2006

It's my birfday, my birfday!

I had such a nice birthday this year! Last night my husband's brother, wife and 2 kids came over for dinner and brought cake, wine and presents. We convinced them that they couldn't possibly drive home (I was sure to fill their glasses every chance I got to ensure this) last night and that they just had to stay. So we had a slumber party and stayed up way too late and drank way too much wine - especially that last bottle that was given to us by a friend a few years back and had a handwritten label that said something forgettable about it being a Zin but something very memorable about it having 18% alcohol by volume . . .hmmm, opening this one at midnight, possibly not the best idea. Headache today to prove it. When will I learn to drink more water as I go? Anyway, that's another post all together.
This morning my fabulous hubby got up, took care of the baby and made a yummy breakfast for all us. After we ate, the in-laws left and I attempted to sneak off to my bed for a little b-day nappy . ..but I was pleasantly interrupted by my yet again fabulous husband who had an armful of presents for me! He, Emma and Miles came in and we ripped open the packages - with a lot of help from Emma, of course (you clearly need help here mommy). The booty was a beautiful necklace and matching earrings, an ipod adapter for my car so I can listen to my tunes while commuting, and a beautiful glass platter with flowers embedding into it. Very thoughtful and sweet gifts, hubby gets big points!
Then, the cosmos aligned and Miles went down for a nap, Emma decided she wanted to watch The Sound of Music (a fabulous 2.5 hour distraction that every parent should own) and WE got to take a nap. Ha! Who thought it possible with 2 kids about? Not me! But it happened and it was heaven.
Later in the day we loaded up the car and got ice cream and headed to the beach for a little play. Unfortunately it was freezing down there, but we stayed a little while anyway and ran around for warmth.
Once we got back we were just worked - tired as all get out. So I layed around being generally sloth-like while hubby miraculously helped Emma rearrange her room (where did I find this guy??). Now he's upstairs putting her to bed - need I say more? I think I have the most wonderful husband on the planet. He rocks.
I'm tired. Time for bed. Another day and suddenly I'm 36. Not much to celebrate there, that's for sure. It's always hard to get into the habit of telling people you're a year older than you were the day before - there's something so strange about it. Why strain myself? Maybe I'll just stay 35, uh, er, I mean 25 - yeah, that's it!

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