Thursday, April 20, 2006

Remiss on a VERY important blog entry . ..

Let's see . .. where did I put that blog . . .hmmmm . .. .no, not there . . . hmmm . . .no, that's not it ... oh, shit, there's that parking ticket I haven't paid yet (!), better stack that over there so I don't forget again . . . ..hmmm, where is that blog . ..OH! There it is .. .oh! Hi, you're here already! Okay, well then I'll just get started: I have big news and I am 2 days late in reporting it:
Miles walked! He took 3 steps all on his own! I took him for a walk the other day with Angela and afterwards we went to the very yummy River Cafe to have a little nibble. While there, Miles was busy exploring, as per usual, and he made the executive decision that the River Cafe was where he was going to take his momentous first steps. I was holding his hands, walking him around and I pried my fingers from his grip and he just stood there for a minute - thinking about what to do next - Angela and I held our breath . . .and then . . .(drum roll please!) . . .he took 1 Frankenstein step! . ..2 Frankenstein steps!! . . .3 Frankenstein steps!!! We have lift-of!
Of course, this was that last we've seen of the walking for two days . ..but give him time, what's the rush?? Hey mom, I'm just getting this whole thing figured out - plus - who needs to walk on their own when you're there to hold my hand all the time and that's so much fun!
Our little guy is growing up, and so fast - how does it go so fast?! Part of me wants him to stay a baby forever and the other part of me can't wait for him to pack his own lunch and skip off to school ...

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Michelle said...

How exciting! My son is almost six months old and he hasn't dont any "milestones" in a while. I am very ready for him to roll from his back to tummy or sit on his own, but he is taking his sweet old time. He was three weeks early and in the NICu for two weeks, so I guess it is ok if he is taking his time. I am just thankful that he is here.

Congratulations to Miles! (BTW that is one of my favorite names, but my cousin just named his son that, so we aren't going to get to use it. Too bad.)