Sunday, February 19, 2006

And then, the perfect weekend

Here we are in the final hours of Neil's freedom as a non-working stiff, so to celebrate our last unharried time together, we spent a night in San Francisco this past weekend. I can't tell you how excited I was when Neil's mom called to offer to watch Miles overnight so that we could get away -, Mimi just might see the light of day after all. I was salivating during the call and immediately began planning after I hung up . . .oh yes, indeed, we would be taking grandma up on her offer (Emma was at her dad's for the weekend). We left Saturday afternoon, saw snow on the summit of hwy 17 (a rarity in these parts) and dropped the wee one off at Neil's parent's house in SJ. We arrived in SF around 5ish, checked in and headed out to get hubby a couple of new suits and ties. After that, I was famished - Mimi needed a cocktail to refuel. Off to the Startlight Room for a lovely cosmo and view. Now that's a cosmo, Mimi was very pleased, Cointreau, standard, no need to ask. But where to have dinner? This is not the easiest question to answer when you're in San Fransisco, home of what I consider the best food available anywhere, and you've only got ONE night to get it right - decisions, decisions! So we started walking around trying to find some obscure little alleyway that N had been to during Bastille Day years ago (undoubtedly not with all of his wits about him) . .. ah-hem, where did you say that was?? Okay, we're clearly not finding the place, it's getting on to 10 pm here . . .we're hungry as all get out so let's bag it and head to North Beach where wer'e gauranteed to find something open and good. Solved. Found a romantic little place, got the window seat, candles, yummy food and all was well. But that was it for these parents of two . . .had to head back to the sanctuary of bed at that point - we are over 35 afterall. Mimi has her limits.
Let's talk about how nice it was to SLEEP IN. Oh my, now that was nice. Even though we didn't sleep in that late - it was just having the option to do so that was so delicious. We eventually got ourselves up and out the door and had breakie at the Squat and Gobble which was totally yummy. Then N suggested that we see the new de Young. in Golden Gate park.
It was amazing - it reminds me of something out of Planet of the Apes - an oxidized iron beamouth shooting out of the ground. The place is huge inside and we took a trip up to the tower to take in the view of SF which was very dramatic. After that, we were pooped. Time to head to Palo Alto for our weekly soccer games and then back to pick up the wee one from Grandma and Granpas.
What a weekend! So great to get out and have some time to ourselves and see the peeps. I think I just added 5 years to my life, no joke. AND I scored a goal in my game - a cherry on the top of my already perfect weekend . . .mimi was very pleased.

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