Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Last sublime day in Big Sur

Well, it had to end sometime, this neverending vacation for N. Luckily the weather was perfect yesterday so we loaded up the kids and drove to Big Sur for a hike. It was so beautiful there, the sun was shining and the flowers were just starting to bloom. Emma did a great job of hiking and Miles was co-pilot in the pack.
Of course hiking with kids can't really be called hiking it's more like walk a bit, stop to make wardrobe change, walk a bit, feed someone, walk a bit, get stickers out of shoe, walk a bit, pick flowers. .. etc. It's a different experience entirely and I wouldn't miss it.
These pictures were taken after Emma and I fumbled the camera and it dropped right on its lens - ooops. It was a little cockeyed for a minute but I managed to fix it and voila! it was working again. Good thing too b/c N was right there watching the whole thing shaking his head. . .so I tend to trust Emma with breakables . ..what can I say?

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