Thursday, February 23, 2006

When my husband is away I eat like a college student

Why is that? When Neil is here I'm making breakfast, lunch and dinner sometimes (or combinations of at least 2 of those) - and gladly - I like cooking. I like thinking of making things, I don't even mind shopping . . .but as soon as he walks out that door - it all ceases. Here's what I ate today:
breakfast: Pria bar on the way to Miles' music class, then coffee afterwards.
lunch: banana, then healthfood version of pop tarts, salad (in that order)
dinner: cheese and crackers at 9 pm.

Now that he's traveling all the time for his new job I'll probably gain the freshman 15, start breaking out and generally look like crap. oh well.
that reminds me...his plane is landing any minute so I better get in the shower so I look like I've had one since he left 3 days ago . . . I have to say that I am excited to see him - I think this traveling thing is going to be good for our marriage to some extent.

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