Monday, February 27, 2006

Pink eye

Miles' pink eye is back . . .must be because his antibiotics are over and the infection was able to multiply again. Already wishing I still had milk in my boobs to take care of it. Bummer. We have medicine for it, but the breast milk seemed to work so well and fast AND he didn't cry when I put it in as opposed to the medicine that makes him wail. Poor guy. He woke up last night screaming bloody murder at 1:45 and was up for an hour. There's something going on that's hurting him because it was an "I'm in pain!" cry. Poor thing, wish he could talk and tell me what's bothering him.
Could be those teeth finally making an appearance? Right . . .I am continually
getting a hard time from N about thinking Miles is teething. So I thought it was starting when he was 4 months and there's still no teeth - ok, so I was wrong about 50-million times. but this time. . .I could be right . ..

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