Monday, March 06, 2006

Fun and games with Pappi

When Emma was very young and Neil and I were first together, it occurred to me that he was a whoe lot better than me at inventing fun games that amused Emma to no end. Case in point is Neil's invention of the "party hats!" game. The game goes like this - you put something silly on your head and scream "party hat!" and make everyone around you wear one too and laugh, laugh, laugh. It's amazing how the littlest things can be a source of amusement.
One evening when Emma was little we were having a family dinner at our house and Emma persauded everyone to wear a diaper on their head - it was so funny! All the adults, sitting their at our table with diapers on - where was my camera then??
Neil is so great at coming up with these games but I'm going to have to step it up because he's out of town again for 4 days. Hmmph. I knew he was going to have to travel for work with this new job, but the reality of it stinks. I miss him and I miss having his funny antics around the house with the kids.

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Karen said...

Fun and games with Karen too. I don't think I've invented any just yet, but oh how I love spending time with you and your precious kids. Emma is very clever taking me to her room to play so that I don't divide my attention between her, you the mommy and the Milo. We did draw some nice curlique hearts and butterflies. We discovered that Emma and I share a favorite breakfast. French toast. Thanks for that and the giant latte before I left on Tuesday morning. Why do I have to go to work? Very good question. Glad to hear the curtains are coming along.