Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sweet lightning and other storm stories

There we were, the 3 of us, Emma, Neil and myself (Miles was already sawing logs as it was long past bedtime), laying on Emma's floor eagerly waiting for the next flash and crash of thunder. "I saw that one, I saw that one!", Emma would scream each time. It was such a sweet moment, lying there on her carpet with blankets and pillows, staring out the windows of her balcony doors, waiting and waiting. We were all cozy on a cold wintry night. Exhausted, Neil promptly fell asleep. I almost did, but was jolted awake every few minutes or so when Emma would yell with the lightning strikes. How does he sleep through that? Emma was way too excited to sleep, both from the storm and the fact that her parents were actually asleep on her floor. She couldn't believe her luck.
We've had all kinds of crazy weather around here lately - hail, thunder storms and snow, yes snow! There was a picture in the paper of icy frost-like snow on the beach - wow, now I can't remember that happening since I was 5!
Yesterday we went with Emma and Miles' cousins up to the mountains to see that snow. Not a ton left, but enough to make snowballs to throw at Pappi and uncle. Love the way they always aim for the guys! Today we're going back for more fun - hopefully we'll find a bit more this time since I noticed they closed the highway this morning. Wow, we can't get out of here right now . . .luckily it's Sunday and there's no where to go but out to play.

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karen said...

I wanted to call you this morning and ask if the kids got to play in some snow. My neighbor Vivi was in her wet weather gear yesterday jumping the the puddles. She couldn't have been happier. Mom on the other had looked soggy and cold. I was enjoying a fire and a glass of red wine. Ah, winter!