Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I can sew . . .I think

The other night my dear friend Karen (giver of name, Mimi) was kind enough to come over and hang out with me and the kids. She kept us company AND taught my lame self to sew Miles' curtains that I've been meaning to finish for oh, say a year now. She is the bomb - not only does she sew, but is a wonderful cook, an expert knitter (see cute sweaters on emma and miles), brilliant science-gal and Emma loves her to no end (big surprise). The last time she was at our house Emma talked her into letting her sleep with her . . .but on this visit, she was satisfied with merely monopolizing her time. Emma kept thinking of reasons to lure Karen to her room for more one-on-one time, very cute.
An-nee-way, I've been really lame about trying out that sewing machine that Neil gave me for mother's day last year (how fitting) so I finally decided to get the lead out and get this project finished. I can't look at Miles' empty window anymore . . .
so Karen did the first one and last night, all alone after Miles went to bed, glass of wine in hand, music drifting from the ipod, I busted out 2 more. I was SO proud of myself! Wow, I sewed something and it didn't come out like complete crap - maybe just a little crooked here and there.
Thank you Karen, you've facilitated another mommy milestone. Perhaps I'll make some clothes for my little clothes horse now . . . and then again, maybe that'll just have to wait until next year.

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karen said...

Of course you can! I want to see a picture of those curtains once they are back on the windows. Sorry we didn't get around to fixing the cavity in Emma's Fish's mouth. That might be a tricky repair.