Saturday, March 18, 2006

My daughter's reaction to "study time"

So recently my daughter's kindergarten teacher let my X and I know that she was "progressing very slowly" and that she may have to repeat K if she didn't start improving her math and reading skills . . .REPEAT Kindergarten - hello? Who knew that when kids leave K now they need to know a slew of words, how to read simple books and count to 100?? My goodness, I don't think I knew how to do any of those things at that age - but whatever, I know how important it is that we compete with Japan and Europe . . .NOT. An-nee-way, so lil' Emmers needs to pull it together sister and hop on the scholastic bandwagon. This revelation has not gone over all that well with my little princess-tiara-wielding-free-spirit artist. She's none too pleased with the crack down on the books. And this was her reaction the other day when I asked her, yet again to please concentrate on the letters we were reviewing:
"Mommy, talk to the bootie, cuz the hand's off duty!" Wha - wha - whaaaaat did you say???? OMG, I was laughing so hard I couldn't talk. Are you kidding me? Where did you learn that?! Rhetorical - she learns all slang and sass from her aunt Kiki (aka: Katie, my X's 20-something sister).
"I learned it from Ki-ki!" she said gleefully, looking very smug indeed. Oh dear, we do have some work ahead of us in the teenage years, don't we? If anyone has forgotten - Emma is 5 - yes 5! Not sure WHAT 13 is going to look like, but I. AM. SCARED.

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Oh goodness. You have a little diva on your hands. Sigh... But she sure is cute!