Wednesday, March 29, 2006

You want some of this?!!!

This is a post about events past - but it was just so friggin' hi-larious, I had to get it down in print. . .

One night, not too long ago my daughter was transformed into a character from the Sopranos - and I don't mean one of the nice characters like Meadow or Dr. Malfi, no, I mean like Tony, the mobster. Here's what happened: I was getting Emma ready for bed and had her all cozy in her bed, pj's on and story picked out when in walks my hubby to say goodnight. He came over to her bed, gave her a peck on the cheek, said his goodnights and started heading for the door. Emma, ever the one for procrastination when it comes to bedtime, jumped out of bed and glommed on to N's leg with fervent passion and said,
"Nooooo, you can't leave!!!"
And here's where N went wrong (although if he hadn't, I would have never witnessed this behavior in my child), he turned around, grabbed a pillow off the ground and yelled,
"pillow fight!!" and smacked Emma in the head.
She didn't miss a beat, started laughing her head off and ran to her bed for a pillow to retaliate.
"Pillow fight, pillow fight, pillow fight!, she screamed."
Emma had just won the friggin' lottery - Pappi was here to play. Gawd, I rolled my eyes - bedtime just got shot to shit because she's going to be all amped up for hours now. Oh well, might as well enjoy the show. And here's where it got totally hilarious - Emma takes her pillow, holds it up over her head, aims it at Pappi and says,
"You want this? You want a piece of this? Huh?" whack!
N and I look at each other, stunned, and just burst out laughing. Oh. my. god. When did my daughter turn into a NYC mobster?? Where on earth did she learn that line?? (surely NOT at my house, ha ha).
Probably because of the fact that N and I started laughing so hard she continued on with the act,
"You want this? You really want this?" Wham! Whap! Bang!
And it went on and on . . .soooo funny, we were just dying. She was in a zone, channeling Tony Soprano. Emma never ceases to amaze me and I don't know where she gets her material. We used to watch the Sopranos religiously - but I swear, the door was closed and she WAS asleep . . .wasn't she?



that is so funny. and scary. the things they pick up... oh god. i don't even want to think about our little sponge, gathering all the sarcasm and quirks of our household... AH!!!!

Mimimom said...

it's so true, just when you think they're not paying attention . . .a friend of ours commutes with their kid and said kid now knows a whole string of explatives . . .oh, dear.