Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Our latest tricks and fave passtimes . . .

Oh to be 10 months . . .the world, your oyster . . .here's what Miles has been up to lately . . .according to him . . .

1. "I'm gonna getcha!" game . . .mommy chases me down the hall, giggling all the way. When she catches me it's all kisses and more giggles!
2. Crawl away from mommy, stop, turn and point at her and smile my biggest smile - I'm so talented!, repeat, repeat, repeat . ..
3. Look at mommy through the washing machine door .. .ooooh, she looks so weird, that makes me giggle again.
4. Crawl into sister's room: dismantle.
5. Attack sister while she's eating and try to steal her food.
6. Cry when I don't get my way, I'm bored, you take something away from me (albeit dangerous), I fall and bump my head (again), I can't get into something/somewhere, oh, just about whenever I GD feel like it.
7. Stick anything and everything into my mouth
8. Stand up and lean on anything that will support me and fall when it doesn't (good practice of #6).
9. Slapping my hands on said object once I'm standing in front of it - I'm so talented! (again).
10. Stealthy stair climber: I wait until my mom turns her back and then bolt for those stairs! Today I managed to climb all the way up the outside stairs in the back yard since they haven't gotten smart enough to install a gate yet .. .fools.
11. Do the side-step shuffle - I WILL walk!

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